Car-Park-8 8,000 lb. Capacity Four Post Car Lift


Car Park 8 Storage/Service Lift smooth operation and good looks make a great first impression but it's safety features and durability that makes the "Deluxe Series" the best choice in storage/service lifts.

Auto Lift Car Park 8 jack tray

Jack Tray
Comes as a standard option. Great for holding you tools too!

Auto Lift Car Park 8 One-Step Caster Kit

One-Step Poly Caster Kit
Set of 4. Easy to install with no tools-simply pin them on, lower lift, casters automatically lift the columns; turn lift sideways to park two vehicles underneath.

Auto Lift Car Park 8 Stackable Poly Drip Trays 3

Stackable Poly Drip Trays, 3
Lightweight polyethylene; stackable: simply slide to back and stack! 8" or 12" widths.

Optional Accessories

Auto Lift Car Park 8 Aluminum Approach Ramps

Optional Aluminum Approach Ramps
These lightweight ramps weigh only 18 lbs. each compared with the 53 lbs. of standard ramps.


  • 8,000 lb lifting capacity
  • Carriages completely enclosed for safety
  • Redundant ladder lock safety system with "auto engage" locking bar in the event of cable failure
  • Extra large slider blocks for added stability
  • 10 lock positions
  • Aircraft quality cables rated at 14,500 lbs
  • 18" wide runways formed with one-piece 3/16" non-skid diamond plate
  • Easy operation: Lock release handle located near power unit
  • Large 3" diameter cylinder
  • Many options available!

Cable Safety System

Locking System

Cable Safety System
Locking System
Auto Lift Car Park 8 features
Specifications Car-Park-8
Capacity 8,000 lbs.
Overall Length w/Ramp 207-1/8"
Overall Width (Base to Base) 103-1/2"
Overall Height 86-1/4"
Lifting Height 74-3/4"
Width Between Posts 94-1/2"
Length of Runways 165-1/2"
Width of Runways 18-5/8"
Lifting speed 90 sec
Max. Clearance under Track 70"
Cable Diameter 3/8"
Base Plate Size 10" x 12"
Lock Position 10
Ship Weight 1,690 lbs.
Power 110V - 20 Amp - 1PH